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MAC Cosmetics’ Unveils Betty & Veronica Collection Based on the Archie Icons

Stylish no-brainer dress. What lipstick shades say about you. Women empowering other women in SG. Lip glosses for a popping pout. How modern women look for love. A beginner's guide to Vitamin C. Take a look at M. Latest in Beauty. Your cheeks look positively glowing here! Arianne recently posted … Coming Up: The Pearlmatte Powders, great choice! The peachy one would look great on you, I think. The Veronica stuff is calling to me! Amazing job!!!! You deserve a treat for this knock-out post.

Tabs should give you the day off too. The Pearlglides are great if you like rich, dark liners for the lash lines. Are you looking for something that you can wear on the water lines as well? If you need a water line rec lemme know…. Thanks for the swatches. Bright Betty Lipstick! Do you have any coral lipglosses? Because I bet it would look beautiful layered beneath a pinky coral. Love this post!!!! I think I will love Betty bright, maybe the coral blush, and I want the green pigment!!!! Those three products would be so cute together. Omg ur the best!!!! I always liked Veronica better though!

MAC Makes Makeup To Match Your Archie Comics Alter Ego

Going straight into my everyday makeup bag! Thank You so much for the swatches! Your pictures are so Cute!! I love the extra effort you put into this post!! Oh you are just the tops in my book! I have been itching to see a good swatch of this collaboration. Those pigments are right up my alley. And, Caramel Sundae! I must have that in my life. I would love to see your accumulated apocalypse makeup must haves. Major congrats, and thanks so much! Thankyou for the lovely presentation! Are there any blushes you think are close to Prom Princess and Cream soda?

Or are they unique? Loved it! I read sooooo many Archie books digests, not comics! Love so many of the lip colors. Great job! It is truly awesome! You even did the swatches for it. I love the FUN you had with it! OMG this is so amazing… i want to grab all these stuff.. Love how you put so much effort into making the comics. Wow your amazing! Hi karen i shared your pictures on my instagram and put your blog website on my caption so people can go to your site and see more swatches hope you dont mind. Thank you for sharing this collection im dying already searching for swatches before the collection comes out haha!

MAC Archie Girls: Veronica Collection Review

Ohh yah im always spying your blog lol.. Lovee love your website. Ankita corallista recently posted … FOTD: Revlon and Dior. All 4, maybe? I am speechless. So many of us have been waiting for actual swatches of these products and you just answered our prayers! Secondly, I love how much fun you have with your posts. This might be my favorite post of yours of all time. I LOVE how you put the comics in the background, too cute! Wow, you just made my entire week with this post. I used to read Archie as a kid! Mostly Veronica! MAC gets my last pennies every time with these collections.

As usual, Karen you made a rather humdrum collection look stellar. I love all your effort that went into this post — photos, swatches, looks and all with a healthy dose of humour.

Would You Pay $6,000 For Vision-Quality VR?

Kudos for putting SO much together! Some of the stuff for sure looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for all the tome and effort reviewing this collection. The pearl matte powder in Flatter Me. You answered my prayers! Thank you for the review and swatches! Very nice collection I love it! Thanks Karen! My list is pretty much the same minus a few things.

Too many collection coming up in April!!! I really like it. Just wanted to say amazing post, you are so creative and talented! Love to you and Tabs xxx Anitacska recently posted … Want It! I love the Veronica line. Deep, bold colors are right up my alley. Do they have the same effect? I think everyone was waiting for a sneak peek into this collection. Thank you Karen for doing such a commendable job with it!! You make it seem much better than it actually is. Also, how are the pearlglides?

I liked the purple one. Very bright for me but you manage to pull them off as neutrals! It seems juvenile for MAC. Im a betty girl. Im so excited. Seems expensive just for a bag with nothing in it. Thanks your the greatest. Want so much! Great job on this post! Missha M Perfect Cover B.

Only the Best Beauty: *NEW* Archie's Girl Collection by M.A.C. (Spring )

B Cream. Decisions, decisions. Now I have to figure out which version I want! You are so freaking cute I cannot even stand it. Thank you so much for posting these!! Go Karen! You out did yourself with this post! Laaaawwwddd I need to make my wish list stat!

I could seriously lose my mind buying up everything in the collection! Veronica is speaking to me more so that Betty. JenJ, how cute are you with your shifty eyes, LOL! Thank you so much for the quality pictures and amusing storyline! You really knocked it out of the park so to speak in terms of information, quality photos and amazing swatches.

The cartoon additions were stellar! Thank you for your hard work! I always look at your site but never post, but this one I just had to! Can I just tell you what an amazingly creative and fun post! And Finally some good swatches! These are perfect. I love the lipsticks. Ugh, I just wish though that I could own some of them. You did a great job showing the swatches!

Hi Karen, maybe I missed this, but is there an official release date for this collection yet? Any info would be awesome, thanks! Ah, I see now — Feb. When is the online launch date for this coll, im so excited more than before now, you did an awsome job!! Karen, you did an awesome job with this. When I got up yesterday, the thermometer read So, 52 degrees under freezing. I hope that makes you feel warmer.

I saw something on the news yesterday where they had a reporter from East Coast throw a cup of water into the air, and it like, instantly turned into snow. Then they showed him taking a frozen banana and using it as a hammer. I might have to put on a tank top and shorts right now… Okay, maybe not. I thought that might make you feel a little warmer.

Yes mam!!!!!! Today you have officially become my favorite makeup blogger. This post is to die for. Karen great job with this post! The Caramel Sundae palette is sweet! You will love the tan shade, especially, I think. Are you considering any other Betty products?

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How about the Pearlmatte Powder and Betty Bright lipstick to complete the look? What a great blog post. You are so adorable, you did a wonderful job displaying all the colors. I am loving the Betty line. I want all the make up the brushes the bags ahhhhh! This is not good but so good! There is so much competition with MAC products! I found your blog when you did Wonder Woman. Do my eye deceive me a geek chic blogger that has super power cat?

I hope for sure to get the mirror. My MAC said they were going to invite me thought to their Event. The brushes 2. Summer Sweet 3. Ronnie Red 4. Betty Bright.. I know the past few I have gotten from collections were not. Do think they are about on par with other recent quads? They apply more intensely with a brush. Haha Karen, you rock those wigs! Kudos for everything! You really got me convinced on this collection, the lipsticks, the blush, the es! What one or things are you thinking about? If you need a rec just holla. Maybe I can help you narrow it down.

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I definitely need to get the Betty Pearlmatte and the peachy lipstick. The Betty Pearlmatte and peachy lipstick Betty Bright! I like them both. I ended up really enjoying it, especially the tan shade, Caramel Sundae. Talk about a color you could easily hit the pan with! I hope you consider it when you go the counter.

Love this post! You did such an awesome job and I love the wigs! Yep, had to cancel the entire shebang! Yay swatches! Such a fun post, thanks for injecting some laughter and excitement into my day Karen!

OMG Karen! Honestly BEST. What else are you thinking of from her line? Lol yea! I was hoping he would also model the makeup… if a cute kitty is involved it has my interest even more lol. I am so excited you showed us swatches! Your own comic book appearances are fantastic! Will you be reviewing the collection? I am in LOVE with this collection! The Veronica products are definitely the stand-out for me. I am LOL with all the tongue in cheek craziness and esp the Archie avatar of you and tabs on your banner!

In places where they are aware of Archie, it's a fresh coat of paint - we're here, we're vibrant, we're important. As an easily-agitated brunette with a flare for fashion and glamour, I've always related to Veronica, however some of these Betty shades are pulling me to the sweet side The collection will drop online January 30th , in US stores February 7th , and internationally March Filed Under: Archie , Fashion , News.