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Here's another popular strategy game from Blizzard, though with a decidedly fantasy theme. It was released way back in and features a single-player campaign story that's told through the eyes of four races: Humans, Orcs, the Undead, and the Night Elves. As with StarCraft, players are typically faced with a map covered in a black fog, which is slowly removed as you explores the area Diablo does this, too. You begin by mining resources, building settlements and establishing troops in order to protect your assets and take control of other parts of the map.

There are a total of five campaigns in Warcraft III that center on a specific race: Objectives are labeled as "quests" and are rolled out as the player explores a map. The are both main quests an optional quests to perform, the former being required in order to move the story forward — natch. Blizzard even released an expansion pack called The Frozen Throne that was published back in Both the original game and the expansion can be purchased for the PC and Mac via Blizzard's online portal, and in a Battle Chest retail box.

It takes place 20 years after XCOM: Enemy Unknown , and sees the Earth taken over by aliens — what else?

In this installment, XCOM is now part of a resistance movement aimed to take back control of the planet. In the single-player campaign, players assume command of XCOM, a former military organization that is now a mere resistance force. A new Avenger mobile base has been established where from you issue commands while spearheading research and engineering departments to create weapons and other tools that will help fight off the hostile aliens.

What makes XCOM 2 stand out is its maps, which are lush and rich in detail, and it's strategy-rich, turn-based combat. They're also different each time you play them, keeping the game fresh. In addition to the single-player campaign, there's also a peer-to-peer multiplayer mode, pitting players against each other using squads mixed with alien and XCOM units.

If you were disappointed by the messy launch of the thoroughly disappointing SimCity reboot back in , take solace in the fact that two years later a development team with a greater understanding of its audience took charge of the genre in a much more respectable, and less flagrant, manner. Sacrificing all of the always-online DLC quirks in favor of hosting bigger cities and Steam Workshop support for mods, Cities: Skylines is everything classic SimCity players wanted, and would have gotten if it weren't for whatever the hell happened at Maxis.

Skylines retains the appeal of early city building simulations with a handful of modern twists. An in-game social media service for instance called Chirper lets residents get in contact with you, the world designer, to voice complaints. More noteworthy, though, is the thrill of managing traffic routes on a district to district basis.

In fact, most of your governance in Cities: Skylines is separated by districts, making taxation as true to the United States as developmentally possible. Developed by Relic Entertainment and published by THQ in , this military sci-fi game is based on the Warhammer 40, tabletop wargame. The game takes place on the imperial planet of Tartarus that's currently overrun by Orks. In the background, the human-run Imperium is in constant struggle with the Orks — along with those humans serving the demonic Chaos and the Eldar space elves — in a struggle to keep the human race alive.

That said, the game provides four armies the player can use throughout the single-player campaign: Space Marines superhuman soldiers , Chaos Marines mutated marines , the psychic race of Eldars again, space elves , and the savage Orks.

Resources include power and requisition, the latter of which is generated by the army headquarters. Power is generated by establishing generators that will decay over time, keeping the player busy.

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The game begins with you establishing your main headquarters and several basic units. After that, you're directed to focus on capturing and holding strategic locations on the map that can later be used to harvest additional resources and unlock nearby areas on said map. Battles are won by defeating bases occupied by enemy forces, or by holding on to locations for a period of time. There are three expansion packs for this RTS title currently available: Winter Assault , Dark Crusade and Soulstorm All of these, including the base game, can be purchased on Steam rather cheap.

This is an oldie but a goodie, developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sierra Entertainment in The original was a Mac favorite, but the sequel took two and a half years to hit Apple computers. But this is a rare case in which a game still lands well even in Can you keep your inmates in line as they scheme to break free and exploit weaknesses in your designs? Prison Architect really struck a cord with players this year because of its open-ended design, but also because you can really shape the tone of the experience.

Want to play it for laughs? Sure, you can. True story. Maybe you will be too. Much like Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor did for its own franchise, Alien: Isolation nails the sense of dread from the original Alien film, blending stealth and survival horror elements into a potent concoction. Much of its success comes from the look, which almost perfectly matches that of the film.

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And this collected edition also includes the add-on content from other platforms, including missions that put you amidst the crew of the first film—Ellen Ripley Sigourney Weaver included. Into your apartment walks a sentient robot, the first of its kind, whose creator—your old friend—has just gone missing. What do you do? Well, you follow the story, of course. The premise is interesting and the writing and dialogue sharp and snappy, but this indie charmer makes its biggest impact with presentation: The sharp pixel graphics are a perfect throwback to the Sega CD era, and the soundtrack is an ideal complement.

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From these rough levels, we learn something about Coda… or maybe about Wreden. Well, the game is fully open to interpretation. All Slides. It's game time. StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. Pillars of Eternity. Titan Souls. Kerbal Space Program. DIRT 3: Complete Edition. Elite Dangerous.

It's game time

Her Story. Nuclear Throne. Shadow of Mordor. Tales from the Borderlands. Heroes of the Storm. Torchlight II.

The 25 best Mac games you can get right now

Prison Architect. Isolation — The Collection. Read Only Memories. The Beginner's Guide. Share this Slideshow.

The 20 Mac games you can't miss from 2015

Direct link: See larger image. It's game time Did you play new Mac games this year? Kerbal Space Program Running a space program is serious business , with potentially billions of dollars at stake, not to mention lives, jobs, and perhaps even the future of humanity. Shadow of Mordor Like a lot of pop culture franchises, J.

Torchlight II While turnarounds generally seem much faster in recent years, it can still take a long time for some great games to hit Mac after their PC debuts. Isolation — The Collection Much like Middle-earth: Next Up: Check out these related slideshows. The 5 iPhone and iPad games you need to play from January The 10 best Mac games of