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No change. I even went into Terminal and copied and pasted the string above.

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Oct 8, 6: I just spoke with Apple about this as I have been unable to fix it on my own. I also saw that my keyboard repeat rate under the Keyboard System Preference was set at zero. I upped it from zero. After all the things we did, I restarted and the accent pane started appearing again. I think the keyboard repeat rate might have been THE thing that messed it up in my case. So, if you're having this issue, check there, too. Cannot type Spanish accent marks More Less.

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Ask a question. User profile for user: Rigel09 Rigel More Less. These numbers are also used with the Windows Alt codes listed above. It is distinct from the Quechua language spoken by the Incan elite.

Typing Spanish Accents -

A Romance language related to Spanish and Portuguese spoken on the northwestern portion of Spain north of Portugal. A form of Spanish as spoken by the medieval Jewish community. Most Ladino speakers were expelled from Spain in the late s, but settled elsewhere in the Middle East. This was formerly the language of the Inca Empire and modern versions of Quechua are still spoken in pars of Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.

Skip to Content Spanish Almost all applications support Spanish accents. This section presents information specific to Spanish.

How to type Spanish accents (+ those other fiddly symbols: ¿ ¡)

Skip to toolbar Sites at Penn State. Never fear: Typing accents with iOS isn't difficult at all.

To type an accented vowel, simply tap and lightly press on the vowel. A row of characters including the Spanish characters will pop up along with characters using other types of diacritical marks such as those of French.

To type angular quotes, press on the double-quote key. To type a long dash, press on the hyphen key. Share Flipboard Email. Updated January 24, Here are the combinations to learn: The above procedure also works with many Android phones and tablets.