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In order to split a file, it is required to point out the item using the file browser, along with the saving location and cutting method: Shown information reveals the total size of the source file and each block, along with the number of split files.

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Apart from cutting the files into smaller blocks, WinMend File Splitter also creates a batch file BAT format that recreates the original file immediately after initialization, without the help of WinMend File Splitter useful when transferring the blocks on another workstation which doesn't have this program installed. Alternatively, files can be put back together using the app's merger. It only requires you to select the first block, since the rest of the items will be immediately recognized by the tool if they are all in the same location.

Once the output directory and file name are established, you can start the task. It carries out tasks fast while remaining light on the system resources, so it doesn't affect the overall performance of the PC. There were no kind of issues throughout our evaluation. In a nutshell, WinMend File Splitter supplies novices and experts alike with a very simple method to cut and join files, wrapped up in an intuitive and eye-catching interface.

WinMend File Splitter. Other hidden features include Go to Folder , Profile Folder 3.

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