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Who wouldn't buy it? You guys are probably going to say I wouldn't buy it because I suggested people would buy it, but seriously Super Mario 64 DS sold good, why not Donkey Kong 64? And I'm sure they have rights from Microsoft to make it. Rare developed the game. Archangel Follow Forum Posts: KingKoop Follow Forum Posts: Damn you Rare.

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S Follow Forum Posts: KingKoop DK is owned my Nintendo. Banjo is owned by Rare which means BK is on the Nintendo can publish Rare games on other consoles without Rares permission as they own the characters thus DKC on the Wii.

I stand corrected. Rare games aren't selling like gangbusters on Xbox consoles. I think MS is getting them into DS game development to make some cash.

Let's Play Donkey Kong 64 - #54. DK Crew vs. Crocodile King

Plus, if they did release Kameo and other Rare games on the DS, it would build a fan base for a possible future Xbox handheld. Djammal86 Follow Forum Posts: I would get it, if DK64 came out for the DS.

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It was an awesome game. Rare at their best by far.

Most of the talent at Rare left around that time, so it's doubtful that the original team still works there. However, I can't say for sure who would have access to the original code, Nintendo or Rare, so if Rare still had the original code, than it would definitely be easier with their help. I heard that the game was ruined by certain things you must do with the styles I personly own and love the N64 version.

I was gonna buy this game but its just bad DK 64 was a great game but I'd much rather buy new IT or games then a rehash of yesterdays crap unless it's resident evil: ID buy it!!!!!

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That'd be awsome I'd get it. The same isn't true for DK.

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Doesnt rlly matter about making everything 3d i rather play the classics but if they're able to add new better things with the wifi then thats awesome. I wouldn't buy it because my 64 is right beside my Wii and I have DK DK64DS would sell decently, not crazy off the shelves wise though. There are so many kid games for the DS that dont sell at all.

Donkey Kong 64

Why doesnt nintendo make more teen games I absolutely hated Donkey Kong The whole process of collecting X amount of items to progress like Mario64 just didn't work well for the Donkey Kong series. If all else fails, restart all your devices and start from Step 1. The first screen i see now is the RCB — Import Games which if i cancel out of that takes me to the Year, Genre, Publisher…page which is otherwise blank , pushing the setting button the one with 3 horizontal lines on the remote drops down the menu from above and pushing it again drops down another menu from which i understand you can edit settings like rom path etc.

Also install picture art of the games boxcovers or if enough room on the stick vid clips N Is it possible to download other games as well? Im interested in older games atari and basic nintendo games. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Related Posts. Paul says: Sarah says: John says: