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Video keeps playing during the transition, and the machine handles it as if you were just typing into a word document. When using OS X you'll very quickly start using the three finger swipe to move between open full screen windows, the desktop and dashboard - although the dashboard has limited value to us, we can see some people loving it. Three fingers up shows you all the running applications, which is by far the best method for task switching, and Windows 8 users will likely be aware of what a massive mess Microsoft has made of this functionality recently.

How we'd love to see something like Apple's system appear to replace the misery of Windows switching - which used to be brilliant. Obviously, two fingers is a standard scroll. Up and down allows you to scroll webpages, but two fingers to the right will also move you back through your history.

Some people made a fuss about the tablet-style reversal for this stuff, but honestly we didn't find it much of a problem. It takes a few seconds, at most, to get used to this system.

Mac mini Server Mid 2011 / Late 2012 Hard Drive/SSD Installation Video

We tested our review sample with two monitors, both Samsung, and both had an issue with washed out colours via HDMI. A look around online shows that this is a widespread problem, but is related to the Intel graphics. From what we can tell, it's a problem with the way the graphics card is detecting the monitors, and the RGB signal it is then sending. Make no mistake, it's annoying, but we don't know how widespread the problem is, and how many monitors are affected. We are told that this issue is fixed in The likelihood is, by the time you read this the issue will have been resolved and we'll look like murmuring idiots.

We don't suggest upgrading the 4GB via Apple, but do consider shoving some third-party stuff in there. You'll also want a keyboard and mouse. You might have your own, which will work fine. But we do really think you should go for the Apple Trackpad, it makes the whole experience a lot better. It might be expensive, but we think it's worth the money. The Apple Wireless keyboard is good, and matches the design ethic, but we didn't find it as nice to type on as our Microsoft Natural keyboard. If you type a lot, consider something more set-up for typing, if you use the keyboard for typing web addresses, then stick with the stylish Apple keyboard.

Perhaps the best bit about the mini is the options you have to ditch your expensive cable and satellite system. With iTunes you have an easy route to every TV show, piece of music or film you might want. Obviously, there are exceptions, but factor in Netflix, Lovefilm subscriptions, and the obvious services like iPlayer, 4oD and the like online, and you suddenly have a machine that can supply you entertainment from various sources.

We installed Plex, the most impressive media center app we've used - XBMC is more powerful, but harder to configure we've found. Plex needs another machine with a server running on it - some NAS drives can do this - but once you've got that, it's the most incredible way to handle movies and TV shows. All of this, with the Mac mini's HDMI output means that, if you can afford it, it will become a centerpiece of your home cinema.

Review: New Mac mini offers an attractive bang for the buck

It's only missing a Blu-ray player, but to be honest, if your broadband can cope, iTunes p downloads are very nearly as good. Thunderstrike Malware: Malware secretly infects EFI. Which versions of macOS are safest? Quad-core iMacs shipping, OS X OS X Apple tops in satisfaction again, slim profits on Mac mini, ultimate photo setup, and more , Mac News Review, More processing power per processor cycle , Dan Knight, Mac Musings, Apple promised improved CPU efficiencies when it announced the move to Intel in Three years of MacBooks show the progress.

Also Mac sales steady in May, Apple vs. Also Mac mini a sleeper hit, Apple increases desktop production, software to improve Safari, and more. Mac mini edition , Dan Frakes, Macworld, DisplayPort supports multiple displays, combines audio and video on one cable, and costs nothing to use.

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  8. Most users encounter no problems using Software Update, but some preflight work and using the Combo updater means far less chance of trouble. VMWare Fusion 2 vs. Both programs do the same thing, but one runs Windows XP smoothly alongside Mac apps, while the other bogs down everything but Windows. Anticipating Macworld: What the next Mac mini needs, FireWire alive and well, Parallels 4.

    Also Apple will weather rough economy better than competitors, Logitech diNovo Keyboard for Mac, gift tracking software, Logos Bible Software pre-release offer, and more. Also is Mac right for you? Now Mac fans can try it as well. Mac nano? How small could Apple make a Mac? The iPhone and iPod touch show how small Apple can make a computer. What if Apple wanted to build a very, very small Macintosh? On the Mac, OS X The most recent Mac update was over four months ago, and the Mac mini has been unchanged for over a year.

    Does running OS X system maintenance routines really do any good?

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    And the point is? Mac malware count reaches 3, desktop PCs making a comeback, Mac mini in the living room, and more , Mac News Review, A year ago, the Mac version of VirtualBox lacked some essential features. The worst depreciation afflicts high-end models. Virtual PC works with Leopard, Intel vs.

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    But that newborn product didn't enter Apple's ecosystem alone. Amidst the flurry of announcements, there was one other wee hardware relative on hand ready to join in on the launch festivities: Addressing criticisms of last year's model , Apple added USB 3. One quirk still remains, though: Just who is the Mac mini for? Is it the go-anywhere, portable desktop best integrated in yachts, airports, automobiles and living rooms?

    Follow on to see which hat this not-quite-an- HTPC wears best. The new mini brings USB 3.

    Welcome Image and Text

    All told. Let's not beat around the bush here -- there's a reason Apple plays proud host to a knighted Head of ID: No matter your sworn brand allegiance, you'd be hard-pressed to deny the Mac mini's simple, refined build. It's the tech equivalent of an irresistibly cute baby; the kind of hardware that stops passers-by, prompting compliments. And we're not just saying that figuratively, either. Within our own office environment, we repeatedly entertained questions from nearby officemates who were intrigued by the design.

    So fill up the comments below with the inevitable accusations of fanboyism, but know that we know that you know that we're right. It's alright, you can keep it to yourself if you like. Boiled down to its essence, the mini's brushed aluminum enclosure has a wallflower appeal that's at home in a variety of settings; a dash of modernism that should work in many environments. Much of this is due to the unit's diminutive dimensions, which remain unchanged since the mini was redesigned back in It eschews hard angles for softly curved corners, enlivened by the occasional black accent e.

    Users interested in purchasing the optional Apple remote for home entertainment purposes will be glad to know this unit still features an IR receiver. As much as things change, they seem to stay the same, and that's quite true of this Mac mini refresh. Though a quick glance at its back panel might mislead consumers into believing it's business as usual, there's actually a very significant change at play here -- namely, the addition of high-speed USB 3.

    Otherwise, the ports read from left to right exactly as they did on the model: Last year, we criticized the company for not including a Thunderbolt dongle in the box, but that critique apparently fell on deaf ears. Similarly, Apple remains unmoved in its determination to make just one aspect of the Mac mini swappable, and that would be the unit's expandable memory. Despite the obvious pitfalls associated with HDDs i. The rest is inaccessible unless you're the DIY type, in which case, have at it! However, should you require monstrous amounts of RAM, the mini now supports up to 16GB -- so, there's that to smile about.

    Consumers with more basic computing needs can opt for the base unit with a dual-core i5 CPU and a GB hard drive. Since the model Apple shipped us for review is designated as the top-end consumer configuration -- what with its quad-core core i7 and hybrid FusionDrive -- we decided to stress it to the utmost and use it as our daily workstation. From a cold boot off the SSD, it took the system 12 seconds to reach the startup screen, which is on par with the MacBook Air last year's Sandy Bridge model, even. What we were more keen to test out was its stamina when stressed with an Engadget editor's daily workload.

    On any given day, we keep roughly 10 applications running at all times e.