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The notes made on my Mac could not be accessed from my Android phone. This made me uneasy so I had to find a way to get the notes created on Mac to my phone, which I eventually did. To help other users facing similar issue I have mentioned the easy steps I used to sync Mac notes with Android device in this guide.

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Or open Notes app and then click on Notes in the Menu bar and select Accounts…. Now, select Google and log into the account that is added on your Android phone. If you have already added that Google account then skip this step. Do make sure that the notes you create on Mac are added under Google section and not in iCloud. To sync your existing notes in iCloud you can copy them manually from iCloud to Google section and they will show up under Notes label in Gmail.

Also Read: The sync is only one way. Next stop was the iCloud Web site, which immediately confused me. Where was the online Notes app there? I didn't see it listed alongside other applications such as Mail or Contacts:. Eventually, I went into the Mail app and realized that Notes lives there. I guess it still makes sense for many people that Notes remains part of Mail in iCloud. But for me, using Notes as a separate app for the first time in Mountain Lion, I sure found it confusing that it wasn't a separate app in iCloud. Anyway, success!

There was my note within Mail. The picture didn't display, but it was included as an attachment:. I also found that the note successfully flowed to both my iPad and my iPhone. Similar to iCloud, the picture didn't show:. Unlike in iCloud, clicking on the paper-clip attachment icon didn't download the image for viewing.

sync notes between mac and android

No worries. My notes all tend to be text, anyway. From Apple to Google What's not to love?

Well, I live a multiplatform life. If I'm out using my Android phone, I'd like to have quick access to my notes.

How to Sync Notes Between an iPad & an Android | Your Business

Since my calendar can sync from my desktop to my iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices, how about my notes? It turns out to be pretty easy. After you've done that, syncing still works as it did back with iOS 4. Your notes will flow into Gmail and be given a "Notes" label. Click on that label, and you'll find your notes there. I made a note similar to the one above, and here's how it flowed into Gmail:. Add your Gmail account, if it's not already there.

Then move the Notes setting to on. When you've done this, notes you make on your iOS devices or your Mac will sync between them. It's pretty nice, plus you'll have copies that flow one-way to Gmail. Three limitations to consider One-way? That's one of three big drawbacks to this method:.

Sync Mac Notes With Android Phone: Constraints

These limitations are important. If you're living in an all-Apple world, there's not much sense in trying to sync over to Gmail, I'd say. If you live in both worlds, then this might be an option you wish to explore. A better option is perhaps using a service like Evernote , which supports multiple devices including Windows Phone.

You'll have to pay for offline access, however. Another workaround would include just logging into iCloud from your Android phone and getting your notes that way, when needed. I'm not holding out much hope on the cross talk. But I do find it odd that Android phones I've used don't seem to have their own standalone note-taking app the Galaxy S3, with S Memo that can sync to Google Docs or Evernote, is a nice exception, in my experience. What I'd like to see even more is Outlook on the Mac getting a way to talk to iCloud to sync notes created within Outlook.

And contacts. And calendars. These are things Outlook for Windows can do though it can't do Notes. Finally, though I love the new functionality of Notes sync, I was greatly disappointed that there seemed to be no way to sync existing notes marked as "On My iPhone" or "On My iPad" to flow into iCloud.