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What are you wanting to "test"? Just download an app from the App Store and use it. If you don't like it then delete it The "simulator" is a developers tool. Maybe a developer forum is more appropriate for the question? Also you may want to post dev questions in the development forums, rather than the public general usage forums. Can i connect my apple tv 4 to a mac mini More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Can i connect my apple tv 4 to a mac mini I want to connect my apple tv 4 to a mac mini.

More Less. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Phil Phil Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. You can talk all day about how the Mac Mini or the iMac works great for most people, but don't tell that to my. Buy an Intel Mac. Remove OS, install something else or destroy it or whatever.

You hopefully will once Leopard is released, but that's not happened yet. Kind of sucks, huh? I want to velcro the ATV behind my LCD TV or on the ceiling with my projector haven't decided which yet and only have to deal with a single power cord. I don't want to put my 2TB mythbackend in the same room as my TV. I want it in my rack in the far corner of the basement where it can happi.

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Apple Killed the Mac Mini.

More Login. Share twitter facebook linkedin. What I want to know is when is it going to run Ubuntu Coltrane writes: Well, but it's not that simple: That on the other hand is old news. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. No, the relative lowness of the price compared to other Apple products is because the Apple TV is a pretty underpowered PC.

The cost of OS X is more or less built into the cost of the machine as is. I disagree. And finally, even if it did change the intended use, people buying it to have a MAC light whatever, wouldn't be buying the thing or any of it's services in the first place so there isn't a loss at. Yeah, except a lot of that hardware doesn't even work. From TFA: There's no audio or. What model do you recommend Score: And how about One that might actually look ok in the living room. Emphasis added for clarity. Yeah, such a computer doesn't exist.

And if that counts, I can beat the price. When I brought it home, I discovered there was nothing wrong with it. I only had a few issues This was resolved by installing one of those programs that puts a big image behind your cursor for hard-to-read laptop screens and just giving it a transparent PNG.

Now the cursor is a little flickery, but doesn't leave any artifacts. Second, the onboard audio works, but sound comes out of a different jack than it does under Windows.

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From three previous comments of mine, that address pretty much all the issues here: And that's the key. And that is Apple's right. There are NO prohibitions to doing things like hacking the kernel, etc. It's open source, and you can do with it what you wish regardless. But there are still some interesting considerations: But there are some other things to think about: So while this is all very interesting, please consider the fact that there are no legal ways to get Mac OS X for it currently.

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I'm simply raising the legitimate concerns surrounding licensing on AppleTV, some of which get interesting with Leopard since it is, indeed, and Apple-labeled computer, and Leopard will be available standalone. There are also no prohibitions on using a modified kernel, but one very interesting question might be, does Apple consider AppleTV a "computer", since that is what the Mac OS X license agreement explicitly states? If people want to make ridiculous arguments like "what if I just dropped four grand on a Mac Pro, but now suddenly only want to run Windows Vista on it, but I still want to use the OS X license on my Sony Vaio," more power to them.

If they want to ask if it's "legal", the answer in many jurisdictions is still, "probably not", because of what the EULA says. They're also the ones who put hundreds of thousands of manhours and billions of dollars, collectively, into R. Read the rest of this comment The license there has other restrictions on use, but it is acceptable in a large number of cases.

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Your correction wasn't correct then, and isn't now: There is not at present, and never has been, a standalone, installable version of Mac OS X So the statements to this effect I have made in my post are correct: There is no legal way to get Mac OS X It only ships with CPUs. Further, even if Mac OS X Hey, that's your call. And Leopard will present an interesting case, since: More interesting still if an installation method can be found that doesn't require disassembling Apple TV And apparently this is now done as well: Do you know there was a time when people would see a hack like this and say "coooooool" instead of spending 10 minutes rattling off the various illegalities?

Yeah, it's called "today". It is "cool". If you actually do want to find a legal way to do it that doesn't run afoul of license agreements, and possibly laws, in some jurisdictions, then Apple TV is actually an interesting case, since the big prohibition in the Mac OS X EULA has always been that it needs to. You're right, of course, and I even raised that question in my initial post. This question will continue to leave the business of installing Mac OS X on Apple TVs squarely in the fringe experimenter realm, and not that of the mainstream.

I see no reason why Apple should care. Most people are not going to hack a TV computer instead of purchasing an iMac. Apple has.

You forgot the section arguing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Try to restrain yourself from breaking into an Apple Store and stealing anything. Other than that you are pretty much in the clear. Did you just stop reading when you got to that point in my post? Not only is it correct, currently, but two lines below what you quoted, I say: Mac OS X And I have spoken about the fact that Leopard will be separately purchasable in the very post you replied to and others in this thread numerous times.

In fact, that's a huge chunk of what I was talking abou. They are not the same product. I spoke directly to this point in my post: While it may get you around your own personal moral qualms and isn't a bad argument, frankly , Mac OS X Your family pack license is for Mac OS X There already is standing precedent for this: Mac O. It doesn't specify PowerPC. That's not in there anywhere. The Family Pack license for Tiger would cover using Mac OS X on an Apple TV, as long as it's an "Apple-labeled computer" and I can't imagine a court finding it isn't, since it contains all the elements of a computer by any definition I can think of.

And Apple has made public statements that they don't care, which means that it's highly unlikely that this would ever end up in court anyw. It doesn't need to specifically say PowerPC. As I've said elsewhere, the Family Pack argument isn't a bad one, and frankly, it seems reasonable to believe it within the "spirit" of things. But even that doesn't change that there is still no wa. And it does not appear to say that it's only a SLA for the version included in the box. As Apple isn't shipping a retail versi. No, it isn't. Your family pack does not contain Intel binaries. Therefore, the only way for you to get this software is to download it from the Internet, which places you in an act of illegal distribution if you torrent it, and in possession of unlicensed software even if you're not using a torrent.

Um, some people actually want to run Mac OS X legally. Sorry to, you know, actually discuss that aspect of it, and point out that for the first time, it will be a legitimate possibility with Apple TV and Leopard. I know it's disappointing to you when people actually discuss things like this, though. Not necessarily Score: With three Macs in the house, the most economical way for me to legally upgrade is Apple's household bundles that come with five licenses.

Meaning that at any given time, I've usually got one or two licenses that I'm not using. I doubt that I'm the only person in this situation. Linux booting on AppleTV Score: How's free for a pricepoint? As usual, AwkwardTV has the scoop-- http: With the Mac mini you get: Mac OS My monitor has 3 inputs, but I only use 2 of them.

Why should I pay for the third port? It's worth nothing, because I never use it. If you don't like to pay for the whole package, buy something cheaper. Apple TV might be a good choice then. But at least don't claim the Mac mini would be more expensive. It's not. That's what the discussion is about. Apple is not about unlimited options and choice.

They offer hardware, which should make many people happy and add some software, which they think might be useful for the same people. I love OmniGraffle, which came with my Powerbook. But I still don't know what OmniOutliner could do for me. The upside of not having a choice is not to have to think about countless options. Don't make me thing, sell me something that works and I'll fix the little quirks.

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Unlike Windows, OS X cds aren't copy protected nor do they need keys. If you buy a Mac, you get the OS. Unfortunately, there's no way to buy a copy of the OS legitimately for the Intel platform. Wait for Leopard? Then it would come with a DVD drive and everything. The used market is flooded with them. May I point out that If you think your time is worth more, maybe this is a project that isn't worth the hack value. I would advocate maxing it out to 2GB to make Tiger chuff [wulistudio. But it will run and it is a real Mac. True, but there is actually a worthwhile update to the story, not that I know if it's mentioned in TFA.

You can boot Mac OS X on it now without opening the box [youtube. Actually, the ability to boot off of an USB driver was more interesting to me than being able to hack the internal drive. I'd actually be more interested if they could boot Linux on the thing. It'd be much easier to experiment with a USB flash drive before risking bricking your device. If you didn't need any ports the thing lacks, it'd be attractive relative to cobbling together a mini-itx system. The product name is 'OS X' oh ess ten. This is similar to how the product name for windows is 'Windows XP' The version number of the program is On the Windows side, the version number is usually left off, instead being replaced by service pack number ie, Windows XP Service Pack 2.

But there haven't been ten major versions of OSX at all. There have been 4 post-OS9 major versions. Which by any reasonable reckoning should put Macs at OSXIV or some other weird combination of "arabic" and roman numerals. The 10 clearly at one point was the iterator, and is what the 'X' stands for. Otherwise, it'd be pronounced "Oh ess ex. Mac version numbering is, at least, piecewise logical, which while inferior to li.

Once upon a time, there was System 6 and System 7 I think only the Finder had a version number before then , both of which had other version numberings after them eg, System 7, 7.

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They've kept a similar naming scheme since then, with the 10 being replaced by a roman numeral X. That seems to be inline with my claim of piecewise logical. Unless you want to make the claim that the OSX revisions have been only minor changes. This could get interesting Score: There's no audio or ethernet support either[ I'm guessing that'll improve over the next couple of months though. But why bother doing the upgrades to it when an Apple certified refurb Mac mini with 1.

After doing all the upgrades, the price difference between it and the refurb Mac mini won't be that much. Also a mac Mini is One tenth the physical size and a heck of a lot quieter than any desktop PC I have come across.

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I can use my Mac mini in my living room and not hear it.