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This guide should help you sift through the sea of similar-looking Macs to find the gems. Apple even cut out the thick, silver borders from the new MacBook Air for a new screen with an edge-to-edge glass, which modernizes it a bit. The Retina display onboard also keeps the same resolution as the MacBook Pro, at 2, x 1,, but in our testing, it only goes up to nits. That might not be that bright, but it still produces really accurate colors, which makes it a good choice for photographers and graphic designers. On the inside, the new MacBook Air got a significant update too. It comes with the newer 8th generation 1.

Though the speeds might look slow, and it is not quad-core, it still packs some decent processing power, especially for an entry-level Mac. When we tested it, the MacBook Air was good enough for watching videos, working in Photoshop, word processing, and web browsing. You might expect the MacBook to easily walk over its older siblings. The first problem is the processor. Apple attempted to fix the poor performance with a processor update in mid Moving it up to seventh-generation processors, the MacBook now offers three options: The one argument in favor of the MacBook is portability.

Well, there are two primary models to consider. Even still, neither of these entry-level MacBook Pros offer a very convincing value for what you get. If you want the ultimate MacBook though, the inch Pro with a six-core processor and discrete graphics is the one to get.

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It even has the option of a powerful Vega 20 card now on the high-end configuration. This model comes with decent processing power for the money, a thin chassis, and the same keyboard and trackpad compared to some of the other Mac models.

Which MacBook Should You Actually Buy?

For more professional Mac fans, we commend the inch MacBook Pro. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. MacBook Pro Can Apple be toppled? Asus ZenBook 14 UX vs.

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MacBook Pro inch, Mid Dual-core Intel Core i5 — quad-core i7 Graphics: And, while came and went without a new iMac, the model is a perfect example of this. Apple iMac Quad-core Intel Core i5 — i7 Graphics: For much of the year, the biggest complaint with the MacBook Pro was that it was still using Kaby Lake processors, even though its competition had moved ahead.

Great Deals on Used and Refurbished Apple MacBook Pro Laptops

Luckily, the MacBook Pro changes everything, and is more powerful than ever before. You also get Apple's Touch Bar with this model. This small display above the keyboard is touch-sensitive and plays host to a row of customizable, interactive controls. It can be handy, at least in theory, but many apps have yet to truly take advantage of this skinny touch interface. Smaller Screen: The new MacBook Air is superior to the standard MacBook, but if size and weight really do matter, you don't need much power, and you still prefer a traditional laptop over an iPad or tablet , well, alrighty then.

Apple's super skinny, inch MacBook is made for you.

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This light, thin laptop is perfect for travel and it's based on Intel's power-sipping Y-series chips, which should translate into fantastic battery life while you're stuck on a plane or away from power outlets. It's more than fast enough for web browsing, knocking out spreadsheets in Excel, and occasional Photoshop dabbling. If you regularly plug in a bunch of peripherals while trying to charge, you'll get annoyed. An adapter with a power pass-through port is a must-have for this laptop.

Which Apple MacBook laptop should I buy?

Unlike previous generations of MacBook, there are eccentricities and problems with Apple's laptops that you should know about before you buy. Bland Touch Bar: When Apple debuted the Touch Bar in late , it touted the thin touchscreen strip above the keyboard as the next-generation of user input. Unfortunately, this hasn't quite panned out.

The Touch Bar is on a limited number of Apple systems, and there seems to be little interest from third-party software designers in doing anything innovative with the tiny display. Those Touch Bar-packing laptops have Touch ID, which lets you log in and access sensitive data with your fingerprint, but what's been swapped out for that is something you'll miss: Palmy Trackpad: Apple's trackpads are among the best in the computer business, but with the newest MacBooks, these input devices have been blown up to unbelievable proportions and crammed right up against the bottom of the keyboard, right where you rest your palms while typing.

Although there's supposed to be intelligent palm rejection software at work, the trackpads are susceptible to accidental input. Your mileage may vary. Keyboard Killer: The flat style of Apple's 3rd-generation "butterfly switch" keyboards might not be to everyone's liking, but widespread stories of non-responsive keys are worrying. Perhaps the most famous screed on the subject is Casey Johnston's post detailing her keyboard woes for The Outline.

The Best All-Arounder

Apple now replaces the keyboards for free and has added extra dust guards in the newer models. Apple has detailed instructions on how to clean the keyboard if yours gets flaky, which is a decent first line of defense against busted keys. Parched for Ports: Then there's the port situation. All of Apple's current MacBooks feature one port type: It's a newer port that might not work with the devices you own.

How Much Should you Pay for a Used MacBook Pro?

You'll want to invest in a few adapters like this Aukey adapter if you plan on hooking your computer up to a projector, or want to use things like USB keys or SD cards.